November 26, 2018



DATES: April 28 th to May 3 rd, 2019

LOCATION: Physical Education Pavilion and Sports (FIFO) 2300 rue de la Terrasse Université Laval Québec, (Québec) Canada G1V 0A6


Athletes are eligible based on their age on the first day of the tournament ( April 28 th 2019). The trials of single, double and mixed doubles will be offered from 40 and over, and at intervals of 5 years up to the category of 85 and over. The trials of single, double and mixed doubles will be offered from 30 years and above, a 10-year interval until the category of 40 years.

Raffle draw with leaves consolation will be offered for races with at least 5 players or teams. The hens per format will be used for any test which will have 3 or 4 players or équipes.Les tests that count only 2 players or teams will be played as a final.

PLEASE NOTE CHANGES FOLLOWING THIS YEAR: (Required due to the large number of athletes expected)

Athletes 65 and older may register for a maximum of 5 events, provided that 3 of these trials are in their own age group (If you want to register for 5 events, please use the comments field to tell us what event and the name of your partner.)

Athletes aged 40 to 64 years old can register for a maximum of 4 races.

Athletes aged 30 to 39 years old can register for a maximum of 3 trials.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 2 events per discipline.


If registration is closed before the deadline of March 21 because of the limit is reached, non-registered players will be allowed to enter only if they are listed as doubles partner of a registered player. These non-registered players may register for an additional single event and may be allowed to associate with players who demand partners.


The competition is open to all athletes in good standing of their country, their province, their status or territorial association (please refer to “Registration of players”at the bottom of the Regulation). The competition will take place according to the official rules of Badminton Canada and the Badminton World Federation.
Foreign players must show proof of membership or affiliation with their national governing body at the time of registration.

For non-residents who do not yet have national status, Badminton Canada has created an international subscription ($ 25) which, once validated (contact John Russell at, allow registration online tournament.

Online registration is for players with a field player of Badminton Canada identifying valid account and membership. Membership in International Player meets these conditions of entry online.


Badminton Canada requires that all players meet three requirements before the tournament registration is autorisée.1. All players must have a valide2 player identifier. All players must have an active account and confirmed in the field of Badminton Canada3. All players must have a valid membership for 2018-2019

There are different steps to register depending on whether you are a Canadian player or a player “international” non-Canadian and that you will participate in other competitions this season …

1-The canadiensBesoin players a level of adhesion “national” in their home province through an account of Badminton Canada, not a generic tournaments count software

2-Non-Canadian players who regularly participate in tournaments in Canada-Need a level of adhesion “national” in their home province through an account Badminton Canada, not their account international tournament .

3-Non-Canadian players who participate only in badminton master-Canada Canadian National Championships created a special membership category called “international player” to allow these players to meet the listing requirements of the tournament. International Membership players Badminton Canada is designed to ensure that players from outside the country can enroll at the National Championships of canadiens.Pour masters purchase an international membership, a player must meet the following criteria:

at. Having 30 or more years on April 28 this year the Canadian Masters Championships where he wants to play
b. Do not be a member of a province of Canada v. Reside outside Canadad. Do not intend to participate in other tournaments in Canada during the year

If you have questions, please contact John Russell, director of Badminton Canada players database to


$ 230 to pay online at the time of registration (the friendly, thematic evening and the closing banquet). An additional $ 25 fee will be charged to participants of an association “non-Canadian” to participate in tournoi.Des additional packages for social activities are available for spouses or non-participants (includes friendly, and the thematic evening the closing banquet) for the sum of $ 135, payable upon registration of the player.


The registration deadline is Friday, March 29, 2019 @ 11:59 p.m. PT. Unpaid entries will not be included in the leaves of the draw. Badminton Canada uses the Badminton Tournament Planner software, which requires all players and all players register online. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Entries received by mail, by fax or email will not be accepted.


Refunds will be donated, except administration fee of 10% for athletes who cancel before the deadline for the tournament. After the deadline, but before the draw sheet draw being made, refunds will be donated, with the exception of 50% administrative fee. A full refund will be made in case of injury that prevents the athlete from participating with a medical certificate authentic. Refunds will not be possible after the draw sheets to finished lots.


Saturday, April 27 th, 2019
PEPS Laval University

Suite 2878 12:00 21h00

Athletes who are not registered to during the above period must register on site at least 1 hour before their first match.


see schedule here



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A shuttle bus will be provided between the host hotel and sites only. If players do not stay at the host hotel, they will be responsible for their own transportation to the site.
Shuttles will be available to players staying at the host hotel on Wednesday night and Saturday closing banquet.


Favorites and raffle sheets will be the responsibility of the Seedling masters led by Badminton Canada committee.


Medals will be given to the winners and finalists in each event, as well as winners of the consolation games.


Le scoring format for exchange of 21 points will be used. A two-minute warm-up period will be applied. Any delay longer than 10 minutes will result in the automatic exclusion of the participant. These rules will be applied stricte. The use of goggles is highly recommended on the court.


Officials shuttels will be flying feather flying YONEX.  The shuttels will be provided for all games.


Par hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive all claim for damages against Badminton Canada, one of its member organizations, the venue and their respective officers, members staff, and for all damage that may be suffered by me, by accident or negligence, in conjunction with my competition and participation in all activities related to this event. I accept the above conditions from the online time of registration until the end of the tournament.


Free parking during the competition. ( no passes needed)

Le parking sera gratuit au Peps durant la semaine de compétition. (aucune vignette nécessaire)